Meet Me

at the Tree

Local Karaoke Bar With Live Music and Delicious Food, Drink Specials, Happy Hours!

Meet Me

at the Tree

Local karaoke bar with live music and delicious food, drinks special, happy hours!

The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge

The “Cheers Bar of Roseville”

The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge is a proud dive bar, better known as the “Cheers Bar of Roseville.” We are open seven days a week and have an amazing kitchen with fresh food and drinks!

Having been in business for several years, we have created a place at our bar where you could come with your friends and family, have an amazing time, and create wonderful memories. It’s a great place to catch up with your friends for a round of karaoke or to enjoy fresh food from our kitchen.

The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge
The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge
The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge

Delicious Food and Drinks

  • The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge has an incredible kitchen with fresh food at your service.
  • We are known for 1lb. ribeye steak smothered in garlic and mushrooms, loaded baked potatoes, and your choice of soup and salad.
  • Come by and taste our delicious tacos on Taco Tuesdays and have a good time.
  • We do an amazing Prime Rib Friday with a 12 oz portion of Prime Rib!
  • Try The Almond House Specialty: Rib eye
The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge
The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge


We take holidays seriously here at The Almond Tree Grill & Lounge. You can count on us for an amazing time at our bar because we are a great holiday celebration house. We have wonderful decorations for Halloween, Christmas, Toys for Tots, etc., every year. We also have a spectacular dance floor!

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At The Almond Tree Grill, we also supply lottery tickets at our bar, and not just scratchers tickets. Our bar offers Powerball, Super 5, and more. So come on in and have some fun!



Why limit happiness to an hour? We have happy hours from Monday to Friday from 3 – 6 pm, and Late Night Happy Hour are from midnight to 2 am for seven days a week!



Every Tuesday, we have a live acoustic band to set the ambiance for you. So listen to some awesome music while you’re having a drink or enjoying one of our signature delicious tacos.


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